DB AG and Správa železnic sign planning agreement for the new Dresden–Prague line

Správa železnic (formerly SŽDC), DB Netz AG and DB Energie GmbH have entered into a planning agreement on cooperation in the joint planning section of the new Dresden–Prague line.

(Dresden, 2 March 2020) The signing of the planning agreement on 16 December 2019 marked another important milestone in the new Dresden–Prague line project. The agreement specifies how the companies will work together, apply the relevant rules and regulations, allocate costs, communicate with each other and cooperate on tender procedures, contract award and planning. Future responsibilities in designing the new line are another important aspect. Planning in the joint planning section must be carried out in accordance with German law and on the basis of DB regulations. The planning section extends from the junction with the existing line in Heidenau through the heart of the project, the Erzgebirge Base Tunnel, to the Czech border in the Petrovice region. Germany’s portion of the Erzgebirge Base Tunnel will be around at least 15 km long, the Czech Republic’s around 11 km. The contract forms the basis for conducting all the necessary planning work on the cross-border part of the project until a legally binding treaty between Germany and the Czech Republic is signed and ratified.

Intensive discussion and preparation went into the signing of the planning agreement. We have thereby laid the foundations for cooperation on this intergenerational project over the coming years. Agreeing on how to apply the different legal and technical rules in Germany and the Czech Republic was a particularly big challenge,” said Kay Müller.

The joint planning section is managed by a joint project team with an overall project management. The latter consists of a technical and a commercial project manager on the DB side and a project manager from Správa železnic (formerly SŽDC). The technical project manager from DB acts as spokesperson for the overall project management of the joint planning section.

You can find more information in the press release from Správa železnic.

Joint project management of the new Dresden–Prague line (Kay Müller (left) and Petr Provaznik/vectorvision GbR)


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