Discussion on the regional planning procedure between DB Netz AG and the Basistunnel nach Prag (Base Tunnel to Prague) action group

19 November 2019: DB Netz AG and Base Tunnel to Prague action group in discussions again

In preparation for the regional planning procedure, project manager Kay Müller (DB Netz AG) met once again with representatives from the Base Tunnel to Prague action group to discuss excerpts from the regional planning procedure documents.

During the discussion, the action group expressed a concern that, given the wording of the route options, a decision on a preferred option had already been taken. Müller was able to provide clear reassurance here: the regional planning procedure does not prejudge the outcome or serve to identify a preferred option. Instead, it simply reviews the spatial impact of the options submitted.

In addition, the action group queried why options with above-ground sections were being included in the planning procedure at all. “The law provides clear guidelines for this; all locations and route options under serious consideration must be shown,” explained the project manager. “We have a legal mandate to plan the project. The aim is to find a solution that is acceptable for both people and the environment and that can ultimately stand up to judicial review,” added Müller.

The meeting at the Hotel Post in Pirna-Zehista has resulted in some revisions to the documents discussed. DB Netz AG is thereby incorporating comments from the action group into the ongoing proceedings. Further cooperation with the action group is already scheduled and will continue to be an important part of the planning process. The action group is also a participant in the dialogue forum set up by DB Netz AG.

Background: DB Netz AG and the Base Tunnel to Prague action group have been in regular contact since November 2018. and DB Netz AG incorporated the action group’s idea of an all-tunnel route into its planning from an early stage. The options proposed by the action group were examined by DB Netz AG and adapted in line with the project requirements and technical guidelines. The regional planning procedure will therefore include these all-tunnel options (Options A to C).