Members of parliament updated on progress

The new Dresden–Prague line is an intergenerational project. Initiated by policymakers several years ago, it has been driven forward since 2018 by a joint German-Czech planning team. The region’s elected officials and decision makers receive regular information once a year on the progress of the project to ensure they are up to date at all times. This year’s update on 2 April 2020 took place for the first time as a virtual discussion round.

In light of the current situation, elected representatives from EU, national and state level, from Dresden, the district of Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge and the Saxon Transport Committee (Sächsischer Verkehrsausschuss) were offered two options to find out more about the project, its schedule, current status and public participation.

Firstly, an information paper on the current status of the new Dresden–Prague line was made available. This can be found below or in the media centre.

Secondly, a virtual meeting was set up for all elected representatives who wanted to talk directly to the project management team in addition to seeing the information paper. This offer was taken up by seven elected officials at all political levels. After project manager Kay Müller had presented the latest information on the project, the participants covered various issues in a lively discussion. Kay Müller emphasised that the new line would be planned so as to preclude discrimination against heavy goods traffic. He also pointed out that the regional planning procedure currently underway would not decide on a preferred option.

“The virtual format has proven itself. Thanks to the business-like atmosphere in the discussion group, we managed to offer politicians a platform to discuss the current status of the project despite the situation. Those unable to take part in the discussion round have also been kept up to date with our information paper,” said the project manager, offering an upbeat assessment of the virtual meeting. Information sharing with regional politicians will continue in the coming year.

Information paper on status of new Dresden–Prague line


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