New video available on the investigation drillings in the Heidenau industrial estate.

The new-build line from Dresden to Prague will enable journey times of just an hour.

Bores up to 400 m deep will be drilled: the optimal preparation for the work of designing the new line. From June 2020 to May 2021, subsurface investigations will be carried out at selected points along the existing line and in the study area for the new line to improve knowledge of subsoil conditions and allow this information to be incorporated into the future design. Samples of the soil and bedrock will be taken for geotechnical analysis.

Experts and project employees explain in the new video why the bores are so important, how they are performed, and what insights the subsoil can provide. This should give an initial insight into the procedure and local geology.


In the third quarter, we will put together another video in collaboration with the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology. This video will provide further insights into the local geology.